Give the Gift of Home 2019

Give the Gift of Home 2019

About This Campaign

The Klatte Family is one of 54 families who own or are working to build their Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area home. Each home built by Habitat for Humanity is a collaborative, community effort. Habitat homes are built with funds donated from the local community and take an average of 175 volunteers and 2,500 volunteer hours to build.

Jacob Klatte was with his family enjoying the Oktoberfest Torchlight Parade when they saw the Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area float go by. Because he and his family regularly volunteer for Habitat, they were happy to see the brightly lit display. Jacob and his family were also nervous, because they had also recently applied to be a Habitat homeowner. In fact, members of the Family Selection Committee had been to his home to visit with Jacob, his wife, Stephanie, and their three children just the week before. As they were cheering on the Habitat float, Executive Director, Kahya Fox, saw the family and went over to speak with them. “Kahya stepped away from the float to hug our family. She told us that she had been trying to contact us. She was so excited that she couldn’t wait any longer to tell us that we had been approved to be a Habitat homeowner,” Jacob remembers. “My wife was shaking, and she started crying. We were speechless. It was the best Oktoberfest parade ever.” The next week, the family was meeting with Habitat staff to sign the Future Homeowner Agreement and begin the process that will change their lives.

The Klatte Family will be Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area’s first Veteran Build homeowners. Jacob, his wife Stephanie, and their three children, Jackson (12), William (11), and Grayson (4) have been chosen to be our first “Habitat for Heroes” family. Our “Habitat for Heroes” Program was formed in June of 2018. The purpose of this program is to bring a community of interested individuals together to best learn and react to the needs of veterans in our community. The program is supported by committee members representing over a dozen veteran organizations in our community. “Habitat for Heroes” currently has two goals:

1. To encourage interaction, skill development, and support for veterans through volunteerism.
2. To build a home for a local veteran and their family.

Jacob served our country as a Sergeant in the Marine Corps from 2004-2013. Though Jacob currently works full-time, his income while supporting his family has not allowed for the option of homeownership, stating, "Our ability to save for our future and provide a sense of financial security is impossible."

The official groundbreaking for the four-bedroom, new construction home to be located at 957 Hood Street in La Crosse took place on November 8th, just in time for Veterans Day 2019. The Klatte family will provide at least 400 sweat equity hours building their home alongside Habitat staff and volunteers. “Habitat for Heroes” will also be partnering with local veterans to help in the construction of this home.

This will truly be a home for a veteran built by veterans.

y bringing veterans from all branches of the military, from all age groups, together on a build site, we are providing a safe place for them to come together and connect through their shared experiences. Older veterans can help younger veterans bridge the gap and ease the transition to civilian life with fulfilling community engagement. They can share stories, resources, and support. Veterans can expect a safe and caring environment, predicated on common experiences and shared values. Working together throughout the day on building a home provides plenty of time to talk, laugh, and create friendships. Additionally, returning home from service, many veterans experience hardships fitting into the workforce. The skill-building gained through volunteering with Habitat can be a path to a rewarding career. Skillsets that are at the core of military training like teamsmanship, precision under pressure, and technical skills all translate well into construction trades. Habitat can offer them the hands-on experience to help propel them into rewarding work.

When the home is completed, Jacob and Stephanie will purchase the home from Habitat for the full appraised value using a 30-year, 0% interest mortgage. The family will pay full property taxes and insurance. Owning a well-built, Focus on Energy certified home provides stability and allows families to launch themselves into a cycle of progress, possibility, and a better quality of life. Homeownership rekindles hope and allows families and our community to thrive.

Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area is helping more families than EVER before. We currently have SIX families working to build their forever homes. We require your support more than ever to meet the growing need for affordable housing in our community.

There are so many hard-working families that qualify for Habitat’s programs. We need your help to serve them.

Please donate today.
Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area

Campaign to Support Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area

Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry founded on the conviction that every family should have a decent, safe, and affordable place to live. We partner with low-income, hardworking families and the community to build simple, decent, and affordable housing. Established locally in 1992, Habitat La Crosse has built 46 safe, stable and sustainable homes for families in need. Every family who partners with Habitat must complete 350 hours of sweat equity, working on the construction site and at the Habitat ReStore, and successfully pass home buyer education and financial counseling. Homeowners repay an interest-free 30-yearmortgage back to Habitat. Thanks in part to partner family sweat equity and volunteer labor, the cost of a home is kept affordable, with typical monthly mortgage payments around $650 including taxes and insurance. The revolving fund created by mortgage payments received allows Habitat to reinvest into the community through additional housing opportunities, creating a lasting and sustainable investment for years to come.

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